3 Tips for Self Help with Allergies this Spring

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April 3, 2018
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3 Tips for Self Help with Allergies this Spring


Most of us look forward to the arrival of Spring, bulbs are coming through, birds are singing and we have longer, brighter days! However, for the many Hay Fever and allergy suffers, this now marks the beginning of the long season of sprays, tablets and tissues!

There are several things that sufferers are able to try that in many cases can help alleviate the symptoms associated with Hayfever and some allergies too! Here are my Top 3 that are used in our house from April – September. I hope that 1 of them at least may help. They are all safe for children and the elderly so give them a go!

  1. Self – Massage – Sinuses can often become horribly blocked. Try using these simple techniques to help ‘drain’ the sinuses, allowing for clearer breathing. Using some facial oil, coconut oil or any other oil that is gentle on your skin, put little oil on the tips of your fingers. Starting at the bottom of the nostrils, stroke from the nostrils, under the cheek bones until you reach the ears. You will need a little pressure with this as you are trying to affect the sinuses which are sitting under the cheek bones. Repeat several times. Now repeat the above but this time, use small circles to move from the nostrils to the nose. You often find that you can actually feel the fluid draining – a strange sensation!
  2. Local Honey – No, it is not an old wife tale! Honey made locally carries the pollen from local flora. As this in ingested it accumulates over time and then your body, fighting these foreign allergens, no longer sees it as a threat. the symptoms of local flora for hay fever are then often lessened. Try your local farm shop and see where their honey comes from. This does take time but for the honey lovers, not a bad medicine!
  3. Salt Pipe – I came across this a couple of years ago and was pretty sceptical. Oh my does it work! It works on again a very simple concept. If you are inhaling natural rock salt, this helps to keep your airways and bronchial clear. Leading to a less sever reaction to air born allergens. This has also had amazing results with COPD sufferers. They are readily available online and are easy for adults and older children to use. Completely safe as they just contain good quality rock salt!

Of course, when symptoms are increasing there are plenty of over the counter medicines to take. It is great though that there are also some simple solutions that are easy to use that can often work alongside the conventional approach to treating the symptoms of Hayfever and associated allergies. There are also Complimentary Therapies that have been shown to help such as Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki. All of which are available at the Wellbeing Centre.

For details of the Salt Pipe we use, good old amazon

Rachel Hawkes is the Owner of Harmonia Therapies Wellbeing Centre. You are welcome to ask any further questions, just ping her an email info@harmoniatherapies.com 

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