8 Ways to Get Rid of a Cold, Fast

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We all know that there is no known ‘cure’ for a cold, however there are things that we can do in order to alleviate some of the symptoms and also reduce the time we are suffering with those sore throats, coughs, runny noses and lack of energy.

Although everyone want to know how to get rid of a cold in 24 hours. The reality is, it may take longer. It really depends on how your immune system is and how you help your body during the time you have the cold symptoms.

These natural home remedies are all easy to add into your day and from self massage to plant medicine, these top tips for relieving a cold are simple to do and can help your body boost its own ability to fight off the cold virus. The list below are some of best common cold remedies that can benefit you during when suffering with a cold. There are of course the usual cold medicines that you can purchase over the counter such as decongestants and throat syrups, and the natural cold remedies below will add in or in some places even replace the usual medicines for your cold relief.


Yes, my #1 tip is always to increase your fluids. Water is vital to help to flush out our system but also helps with some of the symptoms too. A slice of lemon with a drop of honey in warm water will ease that sore throat and hydrate you at the same time. It is still one of the best ways to get rid of a cold and can help with common cold symptoms.

Herbal teas are also a great way of adding in boosting properties and keep your fluid levels topped up. You can visit the shop to see what tea you might want to try.

Vitamin C

This is such a great vitamin to add in, I take it every day and I double up when I have a cold. As a water soluble vitamin it is not stored for long in the body, but also any excess is flushed out easily too. A great immunity booster, it also aids in collagen production. This is an essential one for me to add in when I want to get rid of a cold.


Sleep when you can. Do not feel guilty for taking an afternoon nap. Your body heals when at rest, so this is still one of the best ways you can give your body a helping hand. A good sleep really can make a difference, and if you are getting blocked at night then do try the self massage techniques below.

You can also help with drainage by sleeping propped up. This allows gravity to help with the mucus draining, rather than lying flat and it sitting around the nose, throat and ears. For the chest cold, this can really make a difference to your sleep during the night.

Colloidal Silver

This is one of my ‘magic’ solutions for so many things, but especially sore throats. It has incredible healing abilities. You can gargle with it and it will not only ease the throat but also help to relieve the cause of that inflammation too. You can use this on cuts and open wounds such as successfully.

It is one of my key medicine cabinet staples.

Colloidal Silver


This healing plant is well known for its ability to fight viruses and bacteria. It is anti viral in nature and when taken during your cold will again help to boost your body’s natural immunity too. Either in tablet or tincture form it is another Winter essential in our house.

It is such a great natural remedy for all the family. The tincture is based in alcohol, so do be aware if you are sensitive or looking to safely add this in for children.


Anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, turmeric is another daily supplement for me, but especially when I have a cold. I take it as a capsule but add it into food whenever I can. Black pepper aids with absorption, so I go for one that has both.

7 Blend Mushrooms

Again, a daily one for me but super great during the cold season. These have the ‘best’ 7 mushrooms together, giving you the benefits of all of them in one capsule. They are great for boosting the immune system, aid with gut health and as adaptagens, they are real fighters of anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Lymphatic Drainage

That runny nose often leads to congestion. Starting with the nose, then often the ears and sometimes eyes suffer too. The easiest way to stop that stagnation is to drain all that mucus. Lymphatic drainage is a great way of allowing the body to rid that fluid, literally draining it away.

The video below will show you some self massage techniques that you can use to ease that congestion and work with your body to remove the excess mucus. It is safe for children and babies too, just use your fingertips with very light pressure.

This lymph drainage is effective if you are struggling with a head cold. The Guasha can be kept in your fridge and the coolness of the crystal is not only super soothing, but will also help with headache relief as well. Stroking across the brows and forehead will help reduce your temperature and also ease the tension that can be sat there.

Signs your Cold is getting better

With your new found arsenal of tools, you should start to see some of the symptoms dissipate during the next 24-48 hours. Be consistent though, as I found that as soon as I stopped with the lymphatic drainage, I would once again feel mucus building up.

Keep going past your symptoms and ensure that all elements of the cold are gone. Keep on resting where you can and allow your body to build up its energy reserves and immunity response again.

Remember, a cold can take 2-3 weeks! So, be patient with yourself. Show some extra kindness and give your body what it needs with rest, hydration and plenty of time to fight and recover.

8 Ways to Get Rid of a Cold, Fast

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