Baby Massage Classes

We are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of massage and bonding between parents and babies. Harmonia via Massage Your Baby offers baby massage classes to parents in how to massage their infants and increase the parent/ child bond. Baby Massage is a calm and relaxing activity that involves active involvement from both parent and baby. If you would like more details on Courses in Baby Massage then do get in touch.

5 week courses run locally with small groups to ensure you have the time and space to enjoy each session. Baby Massage has been part of various cultures for centuries but has only come over to the West in recent years. It is a great way to increase the bond with your baby but also has many physical and emotional benefits for parent and baby.

From the physical benefits such as aiding digestion to the emotional benefits of increasing the connection Baby Massage has something to offer every baby. Suitable from birth to fast crawlers, these baby massage classes really do help new mums and those with older children connect with their babies.

For all the full details run over to our sister site to find out all the course details and how to book. For all of our Pregnant clients we provide full details of all courses at our clinic in Kings Hill.

Baby Massage with Massage Your Baby

For more information call Harmonia Therapies on 01732 490736 or see the new web site for more details Infant Massage or email