Bowen Therapy – How Can It Help You?

Bowen Therapy with Harmonia Therapies

Kathryn Bettles Journey to Bowen

I first came across the Bowen Technique when I was away with work on a food innovation trip. The lady who owned the venue we were staying at offered me a taster treatment. She was crippled with arthritis and found Bowen was the only thing that kept her moving and being able to live her life with minimal pain.

She wanted to help other people in her situation so decided to train as a practitoner herself. At the time I was suffering from a knee issue. I really enjoyed the treatment and it felt like nothing I’d ever come across before.

The following day, as I was driving home, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and had a moment of clarity when I decided I too wanted to learn how to do this technique. It was perfect for me as not only could I learn to treat people but also horses. I must add that my knee has never troubled me since…..

Bowen Therapy at Harmonia Therapies

What Is Bowen Therapy?

The Bowen Technique is a very gentle soft tissue therapy prompting the body to reset, repair and re-balance. It is incredibly versatile offering significant relief to musculoskeletal related issues and can be used for all presenting problems from babies through to the elderly.

Kathryn at Harmonia Therapies

Kathryn was the first Therapist to join the Wellbeing Centre and is a great member of the team. One of the perks of our little group is to share our therapies – so I can tell you, hand on heart, that a Bowen Treatment feels amazing!

You can also visit Kathryn’s Website for full details of her treatments for people and horses.

Other Therapies

Bowen is just one of a range of therapies on Offer at Harmonia Therapies. You can read all about: Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy and Massage Therapy on our other blogs.

How to Book

Visit our Therapist Page on how to book a treatment with Kathryn, or one of the other Therapists at Harmonia Therapies.

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