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Articles on your health and wellbeing brought to you by Rachel Hawkes of Harmonia Therapies Wellbeing Centre.

Bowen Therapy – How Can It Help You?

Bowen Therapy – How Can It Help You? Bowen Therapy with Harmonia Therapies

Kathryn Bettles Journey to Bowen I first came across the Bowen Technique when I was away with work on a food innovation trip. The lady who owned the venue we were staying at offered me a taster treatment. She was crippled with arthritis and found Bowen was the only thing that kept her moving and […]

Harmonia Therapies Founder – Rachel Hawkes

Harmonia Therapies Founder – Rachel Hawkes Rachel Hawkes Founder of Harmonia Therapies

When I was thinking of writing this, I realised that many years ago (when I first became a massage therapist), I had dreamed of one day owning a ‘room of my own’. In fact, the cover photo is me, many moons ago having my first set of ‘professional’ photos taken! 2018 saw that dream become […]

How can nutrition help you?

How can nutrition help you? Hannah Carr Nutrition at Harmonia therapies

Naturopathic nutrition simple means to use nature as a cure. That is done through optimising hydration levels, diet, addressing any vitamin or mineral deficiencies and cleansing different organs of any toxins.  So you treat the whole body to help you overcome any health challenges naturally. Quickly clients notice benefits to their energy levels, their quality […]

What Is Pregnancy Massage?

What Is Pregnancy Massage? Harmonia Therapies pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage or Prenatal Massage Pregnancy Massage or prenatal massage as it is often known is a wonderful choice of complementary therapy during your pregnancy. It is a safe way of promoting wellness, as the changes that take place while carrying your baby places stress on your back, neck, abdominal area and shoulder muscles. What […]

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