COVID-19 Policies

July 2020 saw the Massage Centre being able to re-open. According to Government Guidelines, there are new protocols in place to ensure the safety of clients visiting Harmonia Therapies Wellbeing Centre in Kings Hill, Kent.

How to ensure your safety prior, during and post sessions.

  1. A Pre-Appointment Form

    This form is sent to EVERY client 24 hours PRIOR to EVERY appointment. You can also complete the form HERE too.

  2. Risk Assessment

    A new updated COVID-19 risk assessment is now in place. A copy is in the Centre but you can also view it on the COVID-19 Policy Documents below.

  3. Masks

    I shall be wearing a medical-grade face mask throughout. From meeting you at the door to when you leave.

  4. Hand Cleaning

    I shall wash hands post and pre-session in the toilets. Hand sanitiser is also available and can be utilised at any time by myself or clients.
    Every client is asked to either wash their hands or use the sanitisation station (at the entrance to the building) before coming to their appointment and also when they leave.

  5. Cleaning Protocol

    I have a strict cleaning protocol in place. Again a checklist, to ensure that I never miss anything. If you would like to see my protocols for this, you can view the form HERE

  6. Timed Entry

    Every client is asked to arrive on time for their appointment. Please do not arrive early as there is no longer a seated waiting area.
    It also ensures that clients do not cross paths coming in and going out.

  7. Gaps Between Appointments

    There is at least a 15-minute break between every client. This allows for cleaning of key areas before the next session and for clients to leave before the next person enters. Minimising the risk of contact.

Cleaning & Sanitising

I am so happy to have found an amazing product that sanitises but also bonds to the surface, killing the virus on contact. This spray will remain active for up to 8 days! I am cleaning the room, using the spray on all surfaces at the start and end of EVERY day and then going over the 'hot spots' between EVERY client. You can learn more about it here

Xtra Protect Sanitiser for Harmonia Therapies

You can view these updated forms below for the Risk Assessment and Cleaning Checklist

You can view the Government Guidelines HERE

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