Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

natural cleaning products

Are you looking to replace some of the chemical cleaning products in your home? Not sure where to start? Have a read for 3 great recipes to lessen your toxic load, reduce your plastics and create a greener home.

How To Clean With Essential Oils?

Although I have been using essential oils for years, I had not used them in my household cleaning. I had heard that there were workshops being run that would show you how to replace some of the nasty household cleaning products with effective natural solutions. I had to find out more…how could I make my own natural cleaning products?

So, it led me to Doterra Essential Oils. Providers of high quality, ethically sourced oils that were suitable for multiple purposes (including ingestion) and they also provide a huge array of tools on how to use the oils. You can purchase oils directly or sign up to become a member too.

With this new knowledge, I could now make my own natural cleaning products, better for the home environment, reducing my plastics and supporting my family’s wellbeing

Doterra Essential Oils

What Essential Oils to Use

All essential oils are suitable to use on cleaning products, though some are more effective for anti-bacterial purposes. In the ingredients list below I have provided the oils that I have used, but you are free to explore the range of oils or have a look at any of the oils on the Doterra Website.

3 Home Green Cleaning Recipes

These 3 recipes utilise non-toxic natal ingredients combined with the power and aroma of essential oils. Offering a natural solution that is not only eco-friendly but will also save you money – so what’s not to love!

I have listed the ingredients with links on where to purchase, I do make a few pennies from any items purchased, but they are all ingredients that I have used and am happy to recommend. You are of course, more than welcome to purchase from other suppliers.

Multi-Surface Cleaner

This is a great universal cleaner, I use it in the kitchen, shower and bathrooms and it has brought my glass hob up like new!


Using a funnel in the top of your glass bottle add in your choosen essential oils, add the vinegar, soap and then top up with the filtered water. Do not overfill. Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients. Spray surfaces and then wipe clean using a soft, clean cloth.

Video on how to make your own Natural Multi Surface Cleaner

Room Spray

This is such a simple idea, you will love it


Simply add all the ingredients into the bottle, shake and spray. This is a great one to get the kids to make, they can even choose which oils they like the smell of. I now have one upstairs and downstairs and for the massage centre too!

Toilet Bombs


Total Time: 10 minutes

In a bowl

Mix the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid in a large bowl, add in the essential oil and combine.


Spray water using the misting spray onto the mixture slowly. Mix together with a wooden spoon or spatula until it starts to come together. It needs to have the consistency of fine sand that will hold together in a clump.

To finish

Using a spoon scoop the mixture into your moulds, press down very firmly with the back of the spoon or your fingers. Allow drying for at least 2 hours or overnight if possible. When ready, pop the bombs out of the mould and store in your glass airtight jar. CAUTION – If you add too much water you will activate the bicarb and the mixture will start to froth! So slow and steady when spraying in the water.

All done

Pop into your toilet and allow them to fizz, leaving for at least 5 minutes before you clean the toilet with a toilet brush.

Estimated Cost: 2 USD


  • 500ml glass bottle with spray nozzle
  • distilled white vinegar 180ml
  • castille soap 30ml
  • filtered water 180ml
  • lemon essential oil 6 drops
  • tea tree/ melaleuca oil 6 drops
  • oregano oil 6 drops

Create Your Own Workshops

If you would like to run your own workshop then get in touch, I am happy to create a workshop just for you. Workshops will be covering a multitude of uses of essential oils, you can check out the workshops currently running on the booking site.

Other Uses for Essential Oils

You can read about more uses for essential oils in more of our blogs, check out the one on allergies, it has some top tips

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Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

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