Harmonia Healing Therapy

Holistic Healing

This is unique therapy, only offered at Harmonia Wellbeing Centre

What is Harmonia Healing Therapy?

This treatment has been created by Rachel, the owner of Harmonia to offer a combination of touch and healing unlike any other.

Words are difficult to describe this one of a kind healing treatment.

It is designed to work on all levels, you physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

It can be an opening of heart and mind, a clearing of the old to make way for the new.

Whatever your deepest self requires, this treatment taps into.

What happens during a Harmonia Healing session?

No two sessions are going to be same. Every client, at every time requires different approaches.

You can expect to experience deep shifts, from release work, extraction of old patterns and incorporating new energy.

How Can A Harmonia Healing Therapy Session Help You?

We all enter phases of our life where we feel stuck, overwhelmed, lost or just unsure where we are going.

Maybe you are experiencing grief, loss of self worth, or wanting to explore a deeper connection with yourself.

The reason anyone comes for a Harmonia Healing is a varied as the session itself.

Among the many benefits described by clients:

  • Sense of emotional release
  • Deeper relaxation
  • Shift of old damaging patterns
  • Addressing trauma
  • Quitening the busy 'monkey mind'
  • Tapping into the creative
  • Strong sense of inner and outer awareness
  • Better sleep
  • Physical pain disperses
  • Connection into higher consciousness
  • A lightening of spirit
  • 'Letting go'

What techniques are used during a Harmonia Healing Therapy?

A variety of healing tools can be brought into any session.

Intuition is at the creative source. Meaning that every session will integrate some or all of the healing modalities.

Touch is at the core.... human touch allows us to feel a sense of deep connection. What our physical body experiences, transfers to our other bodies.

From touch any number of Healing Energies can be called in including Reiki and Secheim.

Shamanic Healing often plays a key role, with extraction techniques or guidance from any of the key archetypes that assist - Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Eagle, Pachamamma or even the ancestors.

Sound is a well known but often neglected root of healing. Koshi Chimes or the hand beaten Nepalese Singing Bowl can add in not only a clearing note but also send us even deeper into our subconscious.

The Senses are engaged with the sound of water, ambient music, essential oils and the power of touch.

Plant spirit is a vital component, with the Aura Sprays that contain the elements of specific trees, crystals, essential oils and sound. These vibrational tools enhance the experience.



Is this for me?

No matter where you are in your life, We all crave a sense of connection.

Often we feel a 'disconnect' from ourselves and/ or others.

We NEED that connection in order to go from surviving too thriving. From stagnation to growth.

External help can 'open the door' to that portal that we all hold within us.

Guiding you... gently and in a safe and sacred space.. to become who are are aiming to be.

You do not need any experience.

You do not need to 'believe' in any of the tools or techniques used.

You just need to come with openness.

Let the healing begin



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Harmonia Healing Therapy
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