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July 14th 2020 – it will go down as part of Harmonia’s history as the day I was once again allowed to open the doors to the Wellbeing Centre in Kings Hill. After being closed since 23rd March it was a mixed day, excitement and nerves as Harmonia re-opens. We are now in a new ‘norm’, facemasks and COVID-19 protocols ruling the day.

However, the main feeling after the first week was just how awesome it felt to be back. The feedback from massage clients was overwhelming, they were all so grateful to be able to have a massage treatment once again. We forgot the sprays, hand sanitisers and masks and chatted and laughed. New clients came through the doors, eager to get issues worked out. Existing clients left feeling physically and mentally refreshed. If this is the new norm, then OK!


I know that you all need to be safe. That has always been the case. The basics of handwashing, changing towels and cleanliness have always been just a standard feature of every day at Harmonia. However, things have changed. We need to add another layer of protection.

So, following all the UK Government Guidelines a whole new set of written protocols are now in place. They will remain so until we hear otherwise, or more importantly, we find a vaccine.

  • Risk assessment – redone for all the COVID protocols
  • Pre-assessment online form – symptoms of COVID. Which is sent out prior to attending every appointment
  • Cleaning Protocols – another online checklist for me, covering every session and also in between every client. The data is saved so that it can be accessed if ever needed.
  • Masks – the guidelines are only for a visor, I do not believe this provides you with enough protection, so I am wearing a medical mask EN 14683 Type II. This provides both client and therapist with a higher degree of protection (98% of airborne bacteria).
  • Online booking – in order to save you time prior and post-treatment you can always book direct using the online FRESHA booking system.
  • Payments – can be via the online booking system or bank transfer. No cash needs to change hands.

You can view all the new protocols on the COVID page, the online pre-assessment form is also available to view. Just let me know and I will happily send you the link

your new norm for massage therapy

Moving On

Everything is in place. You will experience the same level of touch, warmth and open-heartedness that you always did. We all have to find our way in the next few weeks and months but I hope that with the support from Harmonia Therapies, you will continue to value your own health and wellbeing. I hope to see you soon.

Get In Touch

As always, if there is anything you need to know please do drop me an email [email protected] or give me a call. I am Rachel Hawkes, owner of Harmonia Therapies and the resident Massage Therapist. To see the full range of massage treatments available then please do check out the services page.

Doors Re-OpenDoors Re-OpenDoors Re-Open

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