How can nutrition help you?

Hannah Carr Nutrition at Harmonia therapies

Naturopathic nutrition simple means to use nature as a cure. That is done through optimising hydration levels, diet, addressing any vitamin or mineral deficiencies and cleansing different organs of any toxins.  So you treat the whole body to help you overcome any health challenges naturally.

Quickly clients notice benefits to their energy levels, their quality of sleep, reduction in any symptoms of an illness or disease and the knowledge of how to live healthier for both themselves and their families.

About Hannah

Hannah is trained in naturopathic nutrition and yoga and helps Clients of all ages with different health challenges. As a Mother of two Children herself, she particularly understands the challenges that come with balancing family life and often the overwhelm, stress and absolute exhaustion that can bring.

To find out more about how to lead a healthier life that’s manageable for you contact Hannah here

Hannah Carr naturopath


Hannah also runs an amazing Women’s Membership, you can find all the details below.

Harmonia Therapies – Integrated Health

Hannah is just one of our very talented clients at the wellbeing centre and we love being able to talk about her.

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