How energy healing boosts a massage?

Energy Healing

The magic of touch

As a Touch Therapist, I know the power of ‘laying’ on of hands.

We all at some level feel that connection when we receive positive touch from another; a hug from a friend, stroking the hair of your child, holding hands with a friend or partner, to the more intimate touch between lovers.

It is a visceral, emotive response.

All touch is a sharing of energy, a giving and receiving. Both benefit from the exchange, where positive touch is used.

Every massage accesses this energy, whether you are consciously aware of it, or not.

As a Therapist, I choose to bring you into that conscious exchange.

Massage with intention

As part of a Harmonia Healing Therapy, this is taken to a deeper level. Using the power of INTENTION and channeling external energy sources.

Part of any initial consultation involves communication, not just your physical medical concerns, but also mental, emotional and spiritual issues too.

What are you dealing with at this moment?

As we go through the ups and downs of daily life, this changes. In some cases rapidly, especially if you are facing a current period of stress, upheaval or trauma.

All of this affects you. On every level.

Working with intention, on what YOU want to achieve from a session is crucial. It affects the touch you will need and also the energy that you may need to receive, or blockages you may need to have removed.

Channeling energy

We are all energetic beings. Every living thing has energy that moves, fluctuates and is affected by other energy.

Everything that we do affects it. Big depletions of energy can often happen when we are experiencing physical illness, long term conditions, stress, mental health episodes, emotional changes, life changing events, trauma…. the list is long.

We all know that feeling when we just say ‘I just need more energy’. It is tangible. We can feel it affect our physical body as well as our emotional, mental and spiritual sides.

We need to ‘tap into’ a bigger source of energy that can replenish our own internal resources.

This is where channeling energy comes into its own.

I was lucky to find an exceptional energy teacher, who attuned me (that is the technical term), to both Reiki and Seichim. These are two universal sources of energy that anyone can access, at any time. You simply need to be ‘opened up’ to receive the source.

Creating a combination of energy healing that is profound and when also combined with Shamanic tools is able to create some deep healing on every level.

Reiki and Seichim Energy

Reiki was brought to us by a Japanese doctor during WWII, and has travelled the globe, being passed down from Master to student again and again. The energy is accessed via words and symbols, which combined offer an unlimited source of Universal energy.

Seichim accesses the energy from Sekmet, the Egyptian Goddess and is just as powerful as Reiki, but has a very different ‘feel’ to it. It is divinely feminine and has proved very useful in not only healing, but also accessing the feminine side in us (for both men and women).

Combined they are a powerhouse of external energy!

You can read more about these energy modalities HERE and why they also work so well with Crystal Healing

What does this energy healing feel like?

On a tangible level, you can often feel intense heat in the areas being focused on. This is often accompanied by visual images appearing, smells and sometimes even sounds too. The experience is completely unique, not only to each person, but each session as well.

What will energy healing do for me?

We are back to the INTENTION. What do you NEED at this MOMENT? Energy flows well with intention, with focus and touch.

What you need to experience will be what will occur; if you have the intention set at the beginning and you trust that you are where you need to be. Fighting the process only creates another healing block, on every level.

Massage & Healing

Healing with both massage and energy is such a powerful combination. Touch and energy together can benefit all of your bodies; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Shifting old patterns of holding, letting go of stagnant energy, clearing the way for light energy, allowing the physical body to be given ‘permission’ to release those old ways of holding pain or trauma. Our emotional body often is released, creating tears, laugher or a deep sense of calm. Mentally, you can feel drained, but then as if a burden has been lifted. Spiritually, you can deepen into your inner knowing, acknowledging the areas that need to be shown in order to continue the work.

Your healing journey

This combination works best in person, as the touch and the energy work weave together. You can book a Harmonia Healing Therapy session for 60, 90 or 120 mins. A 90 session is really the best place to start.

If you cannot get to Harmonia, get in touch as distance healing is also offered and we can again work on setting that healing intention before we begin.

How energy healing boosts a massage?

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