Hypnotherapy with Claire Noyelle

Claire Noyelle at harmonia

About Claire

Claire is a hypnotherapist but has worked in NHS healthcare as a pharmacist for over 25 years. A major part of that was spent advising people of all ages on their medication and how to make the most of their health.

Re-training as a hypnotherapist was a way of extending that passion for health and allows her to work one to one with the same variety of people, giving them back control over their lives and helping them build resilience, positivity and happiness into every day.    

Forward thinking

The version of hypnotherapy she practises is a forward looking, positive therapy, centred on learning how to make your brain work better for you. She says “As a practising pharmacist, people are often visibly surprised that I would also be trained in something as “alternative” as hypnotherapy. But the ‘Solution Focused Hypnotherapy’ that I practise in my clinic has a vast amount of scientific research to validate its efficacy.”

Neuroscience & Hypnotherapy

It’s a therapy rooted in neuroscience and uses an understanding of how our brains work at both a structural and a cellular level to explain why we can behave as we do and how we are able to influence that to make lasting positive changes.      

 As a medical professional, that’s what sold it to me – hard science. Hypnotherapy really isn’t something mystical or mysterious, relying on superstition and sleight of hand, but something validated by the most modern of research techniques and with an evidence base that’s growing all the time.

 There are many misconceptions about hypnosis, including the fear that you give control to the hypnotherapist and are under their command! “I can reassure you that this is very much not true.”

Hypnotherapy as a tool

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness which involves heightened concentration and focus. It is nothing like sleep, and in fact the brainwaves measured in hypnosis suggest that the subconscious brain is very much active and open to reinforcement and acceptance of positive, supportive suggestions”. 

Who is it for?

 Hypnotherapy is an incredibly useful tool for working with issues as diverse as pain, fertility & childbirth, weight management, stress, anxiety & depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) motivation and focus, phobias, performance management and confidence. 

She continues “It’s an important concept of how I work to understand that the brain is always capable of change, or re-wiring, and the ability to develop new habits and patterns of behaviour in order to function better never stops.”

Claire works with children and young people (being fully accredited and DBS cleared) as well as older people – and says that “there is virtually no age limit, illness, or prescription medication with which you can’t use hypnotherapy. But hypnotherapy is more than just a supportive add-on therapy to modern medicine.

It can be a real stand alone treatment in its own right, in some cases acting more rapidly and effectively than prescription medication and for me, really shines in the treatment of conditions such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, IBS and many other stress-related conditions – interestingly, the very conditions which standard prescription medication struggles to deal with

Find out more

As part of Inspired To Change, Claire enjoys practising at the Harmonia Wellbeing Centre in West Malling, but also runs a clinic from her home in Bearsted.

You can contact Claire via her website Inspired to Change, or email.

Hypnotherapy at Harmonia Therapies
Claire – hypnotherapist at Harmonia Therapies

Claire & Harmonia Therapies

Claire is such a fabulous member of the team at the Centre. Offering great advice and support. Many clients from the other therapists have been to seen her and always have wonderful testimonials after her sessions.

One of a team of experienced practitioners available in the Wellbeing Centre, where you can find more details of our Craniosacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Bowen Therapy and Nutrition on previous blogs.

If you would like more details visit the therapists page or visit the Harmonia Pinterest board for great information on health & wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy with Claire Noyelle

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