Postnatal Pamper

Looking After New Mums

yIn the West, we are very keen on putting all the focus on the new baby. However, many of the Eastern traditions know that if we prioritise the Mother, the baby will thrive.

We need to be focusing on Post Natal Care in the all important fourth trimester.

That is why Harmonia Therapies offers a separate ‘postnatal’ pamper session.

This can be completely tailored around your physical, emotional and mental needs. However, at the core this is about restoring and balancing.

The session will be deeply relaxing, beginning with some simple breath work to invite you to drop into your body. A full body massage, taking the time on areas that are feeling any post birth discomfort.

Then moving onto the head and face, combining ancient techniques that will enable you to completely 'let go'.

You might need 90 mins of total silence in which to enjoy a pampering full body massage, or perhaps you want the space to talk, to discuss your birth experience with someone who cares, who is simply there to listen.

This is a treatment like no other. Your needs are brought into the session so you co-create the time and experience.

For the ultimate postnatal pamper experience it really is unlike any other.


Time For You

The purpose is to create the session that you NEED. You book the time, and we can design a bespoke treatment.

From Reiki to hot lava shells, there is a combination that will be perfect for you.

Show your partner some post natal love and book one of our vouchers. Let her decide what she needs, and let us do the rest.

It also makes a great Baby Shower present too!

Booking Your Postnatal Session

Book your session and take the time to look after yourself.

Book your treatment today

Contact Harmonia for more information or to make a booking for a personal or corporate consultation.

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Postnatal Pamper
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