Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that has been part of our world for thousands of years. Seen in every culture through the ages, regardless of location the primary ethos is to understand and develop our connection to the divine in all living things.

It transcends religions and no matter what your faith maybe, it can deepen your connections, both internally and externally.

What is shamanic healing

A shamanic healing can take many forms. You may be guided to your lower realm to connect with your power animal. Or take part in a soul retrieval to reintegrate missing souls parts.

The tools used in Shamanic healing can take many forms. For more details get in touch and we can discuss what healing you require.

My shamanic journey

My love of Shamanism continues to grow as I grow into my own practice. It is a lifelong path and one that I am honoured to be sharing with Harmonia.

You will find more details below and I will continue to share my experiences and knowledge. It is a keystone for every Shaman. The sharing of gifts.

shamanic healing

A belief in something Divine, no matter what you choose to call it can bring with it a greater awareness of self.

This leads us to feel much deeper connections to others and the world around us.

How can this level of connection help you?

How Can Shamanic Healing Help You

Intuition plays a huge role. Utilising shamanic techniques from around the globe to sense what it is you need at the moment.

It is the connection to the spirit realm that enables these deeper connections to be felt.

Shamanic healing is accessing this ancient pathway, to bring about changes in the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Working With Energy

Energy can be changed directly. Negative energy can be displaced, and positive energy can be brought it.

Clients working with energy healing will often feel a tangible relief set in when this shift occurs.

That tingling sensation we have all felt at some time, that sense of knowing. That is our intuition listening and sensing that energy change.

Energy Healing & Shamanic Healing

I often find that combing the various energy healing techniques leads to profound results.

Reiki can be brought in to replenish after a Hollow Bone Healing, which can release sticky energy. Leaving you feeling calmer, lighter but also filled with purpose.

There are multi ways that these tools can be brought into a healing session. Each will depend on what you need, and when you need it.

Shamanic Tools

Sound is usually associated with Shamanic Journeys, as the repetitive beat alters our conscious state. However, in the Centre it is not always appropriate. So other modes of vibration can be used.

Healing music will be in the background, the gentle sound of trickling water and sometimes I utilise the Koshi Chimes for added vibrational healing.

Crystals can be used to offer protection around your healing space. With certain crystals being put onto your body or even held during a session.

These are all tools that add to a deeper level of healing, filling your senses and allowing you to feel into your own intuition.

healing koshi chimes

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Shamanic Healing
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