Tailored Massage Therapy

Touch is the core ingredient of any Massage.

A tailored massage combines the art of touch with the science of anatomy and physiology to provide a treatment that is suitable to all regardless of age.

The element of touch can never be overplayed, as it conveys a sense of caring, healing and relationship that is vital for out total well being.

At the Harmonia Therapies Wellbeing Centre a sense of calm and tranquility is established to allow the Holistic Massage to work its wonders, combining the physical, emotional and mental to provide balance – a truly 'holistic' approach.

Rachel Hawkes, your therapist has been running Harmonia Therapies for over 18 years and is available to discuss any aspect of your treatment.

You do not need to even speak to your therapist to book – just use our ONLINE booking system and then simply decide what massage you would like – if you are unsure just book for a 'Tailored' Massage – then decide when you arrive. What could be easier?


I’ve been to Rachel for years to help out with strained and tight muscles and she has always worked wonders with excellent massages, but none more so than this year. Rachel has been there every step of my marathon training and has made sure I was in good shape for the London Marathon. Massages and advice have all been invaluable and I completed the marathon injury free – sports massages that you would be mad to miss out on.

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Holistic Swedish Massage forms the basis of most western massage treatments and is the most 'well known' of massage treatments. 

Although this is still at the core of a tailored massage. The sessions with Rachel utilise 18 years of experience and a plethora of additional training.

Your session will be completely bespoke. Often bringing in deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage and Indian Head massage or one of the many modalities that can help you achieve what you were aiming for.

Whatever your body needs, at that moment.

Rachel is available to book online

Maxine also offers tailored massages and is available to book here

3 of the main benefits of this form of massage are to:

Allow the body to heal itself

Increase health and well being

Bring about a profound sense of relaxation

Rachel Hawkes Massage Therapist

What’s Involved?

A tailored massage can be designed to suit all.

Your session starts with a consultation process, then you will be left in privacy to remove your clothing (underwear is fine to keep on).

Rachel will return to the room and place her hands onto your body. Beginning the connection with some Breathwork.

Once you are comfortable then the massage will begin. It will finish with a reconnection to your breath and once again privacy to dress.

You will also be left for a few moments, so that you can fully integrate the session. Connect back into your physical body and feel calm and refreshed.

The depth of the massage depends on each client, Rachelt works to the clients comfort level to ensure that they are relaxed throughout. Privacy is maintained and the client is then able to fully 'let go' and experience deep relaxation. 

Soothing, calm music is played in the background combined with the touch of the massage to provide an experience for all the senses.

Why not book a massage for a partner, gift vouchers are available and Harmonia are always happy to offer any advice on the suitability of any treatment. 

You can also use the ONLINE system to book for a partner, friend or colleague – a great present that is always appreciated.

How Long Is A Massage Session?

A 60 min session is a great place to start.

Moving onto a 90 minute treatment when you really need to feel the benefits and also deepen into your relaxation.

ALL first sessions are required to be 90 minutes to allow for a full consultation process.

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Contact Harmonia for more information or to make a booking for a personal or corporate consultation.

Take the guesswork out of  when there is availability and book your appointment using our online booking system, Fresha.

Why Choose Tailored Massage Therapy?
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