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The world is full of electromagnetic energy. We are more than a physical body. We have aura’s that surround our physical bodies and energy centre’s that run throughout our inner energy systems, our Chakras.

If there are any negative energies or blockages within or without our energy systems we experience loss of energy flowing throughout, which will affect eventually our physical bodies.

Reiki is a pure universal energy that can be used on anything. There are no contra indicators; meaning no matter what medication or treatment you find yourself being prescribed you are always able to receive a Reiki treatment.

The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique deals with musculoskeletal related problems and general body re-balancing. It is a very gentle, extremely effective soft tissue therapy, using gentle rolling action over muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia prompting the body to reset, repair and re-balance itself.

I use a fully holistic approach to all problems presented and the treatment is complementary to mainstream medical treatment.

Kathryn Bettles


I practice solution focused hypnotherapy. It is an immensely positive therapy, looking forward to what you want to achieve without revisiting previous trauma or analysing past experience. It’s very interactive and client focused, and adaptable to their precise situation.

Claire is a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists and the National Council for Hypnotherapy and a qualified and practicing pharmacist.

Claire Noyelle

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle yet profound and powerful hands-on technique, developed from osteopathy, which identifies pain and tensions held in the body.

It supports the body’s natural tendency to find health and optimum balance by relieving the body of these restrictions and allowing it to realign.  Craniosacral Therapy can often effect structural change, but also has much wider implications, both physically and psychologically.

Sarah Johnson

Nourished Body

Hannah studied nutrition after healing her own health and now her passion is to empower you to take control of yours.

She will give you the knowledge, tools and support you need to help you overcome any health challenge and restore your energy naturally.  She focuses on the underlying cause of any complaint and encourages you to re-balance your body using food, supplements and other techniques.

‘Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food’.